Requests are currently CLOSED, citizens.

We already have too many webcomics to review. Some creators have been waiting forever to get their webcomics reviewed, and it's not fair to them if we add even more comics to the queue.

In addition, if we tell people we're going to review their webcomics ... it would sort of be misleading. It might take years to be able to get around to it … and by then, the webcomic might not even be updating anymore.

We had requests open for a long time … and it was a mistake.

It was completely unrealistic to have a list of 50-plus webcomics to review. This is when our reviews were usually around 1,000 words long – about the length of a double-spaced four-page essay.

And by the time a review was written … two more had been added to the list. It was impossible to make any progress.

Our primary objective for 2017 is to have more posts, but have them be shorter in length than before – in other words, quantity over quality. This approach fits our vision for the blog better than occasionally posting reviews that are extremely long and in-depth.

Unfortunately, we expect some creators and readers to be disappointed that these shorter reviews ignore important aspects or don't explain criticisms thoroughly enough.

We're OK with this outcome. If a creator wants a longer explanation, they always have the opportunity to ask for one in the review's comments section – assuming they're mature about it, anyways.

That said, we're going to continue to try our best to write insightful, quality reviews, and we're always considering ways to change and improve the blog.

Your feedback is vital. We get very little input other than from whiny creators who call us bullies.

If you disagree with our views or have a suggestion for how we can make our blog better, please leave a comment in one of our posts. We're happy to discuss anything as long as you're being respectful.

Requests will open back up eventually. Thanks for being patient while we get this all sorted out.

For an idea of what we're going to be looking at in the future, here are the webcomics currently on our review list. (Note that webcomics will be removed from the list if they've been inactive for a long time.)

Wolf on Vacation (Furry/Crime)
Dax (Sci-Fi)
Heliosphere (Sci-Fi)
Reckstar (Sci-Fi)
RetroBlade (Sci-Fi)
StarTrek (Sci-Fi)
Tangled River (Sci-Fi)
Beast Legion (Fantasy/Furry)
Bloomin' Faeries (Fantasy/Humor/Porn)
Geeks & Goblins (Fantasy/Humor)
Graves (Fantasy/Supernatural/Horror)
Those Unknowable (Fantasy)
Judecca (Fantasy)
Bat Country (Weird/Surrealism)
Elena (Weird/Psychological/Slice of Life)
Gryphon Knights (Weird/Miscellaneous)
Split Lip (Horror/Weird)
Gregor (Weird/Humor/Superhero)
Opplopolis (Weird)
The Flood (Weird)
Asylum Squad (Weird/Surrealism)
Daddy's Girl (Western)
High Noon Rising (Western)
Highwayman (Western)
Tower25 (Slice of Life/Workplace)
Blackwax Boulevard (Slice of Life/Workplace)
LCS (Humor/Slice of Life/Workplace)
The Petri Dish (Humor/Workplace)
The Spookies (Humor/Workplace)

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