Helping the Helpless

If a new bill becomes law, webcomic readers could pay a "bad webcomics" tax in the near future. Congressman Tom Douche of Virginia introduced HR 157 this week, proposing that all webcomics rated one or two stars by a webcomic reviewer carry a $1 tax to read.

Revenue derived from this initiative would be deposited into the Bad Webcomics Relief Fund and be used only for the treatment of mental health conditions associated with exposure to bad webcomics.

According to the bill, "immediate action" is necessary to protect and ensure the mental health of those exposed to bad webcomics. In addition, it claims that such a bill is necessary for the "immediate preservation of public health, welfare, peace, and safety."

HR 157 was introduced to the House of Representatives on January 16, exactly one day after we called the characters in Bittersweet Candy Bowl "whiny and annoying."

This isn't the first time a member of Congress has introduced a bill seeking to tax bad webcomics. In April 2012, Congressman Gerry Killjoy of Alaska introduced a bill that would charge a $1 tax when a webcartoonist misses a scheduled update, with revenue derived to be given to the Webcomic Police Donut Fund. The bill was defeated a month later when it was revealed that Killjoy had a secret webcomic that he hadn't been updating consistently.

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  1. Great idea. Such a tax will force the creators of disgusting comics to do their job better or not to waste traffic and users' free time.