URL: june.smackjeeves.com
Creator/s: "nthew"
Run: 11/10-current
Schedule: About twice a week
Section/s: Ch. 4

It's Friday, so here's a quickie, since this comic's obviously really good and I just feel like chillin'.

Also, ignore the latest page, it sucks but the rest of the comic's a lot better.

Website: At first, I was, like, "Boring white background? Lame." But then I realized it works OK for the black-and-white artwork. Good job!

The cast page is the best I've seen so far since it sticks to basic plot stuff, and there's even a fan-art page. Pretty nice!

The creator also updates a lot and posts comments on the site a lot. Cool!

This comic also has a really sweet animated 468x60 banner. I like it!

Writing: So we have Akira Kurosawa's Dreams set in Salvador Dali's world. Yeah, I just name-dropped Akira Kurosawa and Salvador Dali in a webcomic review. Comic Book Guy says: "Best... surrealism webcomic... ever!" And what's that? The creator can write, too? Flippin' sweet!

Oh, and these three pages are one of the most brilliant sequences I've ever seen in a webcomic.

Art: The beginning of this chapter takes place in an empty wasteland, but just when the setting starts to get a little bland and repetitive, the creator gets to show off with some terrific forest scenes made possibly by mad inking skillz.

Do you like cool character designs? This comic delivers!

Do you like beautiful scenery? No problemo!

Do you like graphic depictions of the protagonist losing his mind? Don't worry, June's here to save the day!

Oh, and the cover for chapter 4 is very creative.

Overall: Yes, plz. Although, I dunno if there's really that much of an audience for surrealism on the web. I just typed "popular surrealism webcomics" in Google, and Google laughed at me. Oh well.


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